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Spring Has Sprung at Oliver Green Belts!

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It is finally Spring and it is time to update your wardrobe with some colorful belts from oliver green! We have added several new prints and are excited for you to peruse them. Lush oranges, greens, and pinks will add a pop of color to any spring look. Our belts are a must for , the links, and for jumper show eventing! You can also see them on the streets creating a sophisticated accessory in Westchester County, Fairfield County, and we have recently shipped to Texas, Virginia, and you will see them at all the major horse shows throughout the...

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WEF Wellington Florida Horse Show Get Ready for oliver green at Beval Saddlery!

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This is an exciting time of year for oliver green d ring belts! Hunter Jumpers flock to Florida for the famed Wellington WEF to show and reside through April 2013. Beval Saddlery is the arbiter of great equestrian style and is gearing up for a new collection of oliver green belts that will finish your show look and look great around the barn and on the street with your Florida style! 

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Woods- Trees- Grass ...

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I enjoyed sewing unusual belts today! I think I should call this collection WOODS, as in golf club woods, clever, no? After I made the 5 large for a friend's new store opening up Friday, I decided to merge all the prints into a classic patchwork style belt with a grass bottom that would show when the belt was fastened.  I hope you all enjoy looking at my creative project for my Sunday. I had a great time... Step 1- Make the Men's Belts Step 2- Merge the prints into a swell patchwork belt Step 3- Fasten the belt to...

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I love Picking Out Fabric for Oliver Green Belts

fabric belts oliver green belts oliver green fabric belts oliver green fabric selection

It's been over 5 years now, and people ask me, "do you get tired of making the belts?" While producing large orders can be a big job that entails long hours and a tremendous amount of work, I honestly don't ever tire of it! It is exciting to have your own product and business because you get to flex all sorts of different muscles in the process. You must be creative and receive joy from this process. For me, shopping for the fabric is my favorite part as well as my most stressful part.  Once I hit send on the...

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