How Do I Fasten My D Ring Belt? Part Deux, A Clever Secret from Oliver Green Belts

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. I have totally been dying to share this secret SECOND way to fasten a D Ring Belt for awhile now. I wanted to do a video demonstration, however, I haven't had the time or a willing camera man. 


I hope this photo presentation does the trick! 

Step One

Feed your oliver green d ring belt tail into the 2 D Rings backwards, towards your body.



Step Two

After you have pulled the tail of the belt through the two D Rings, wrap it over one D Ring and under the second D Ring 

(essentially, you are fastening the D Ring Belt Backwards...)



Step 3

Pull the tail nice and tight. The tail will sit behind your belt snugly and essentially disappear from the outside world

Step 4

Enjoy the fact that there is no visible belt tail. The belt is finished, clean and smooth!

This a great alternative to the classic way to fasten a D Ring Belt! I love the clean simple line of the belt. You can wear it on the outside of long sweaters, over blazers, over anything really... or just use it for your pants. It stays just as tight. I love this! I am so happy to share it with all of you!






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