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CT Post, July 5, 2014

Molly Broah, of Fairfield, tries on a belt as Sandra Oles, holds up a mirror for her, during Family Fun Fest held on the Town Hall Green and the Fairfield Museum and History Center in Fairfield, Conn. on Saturday July 5, 2014.

Bedford Magazine Sept/Oct 2013 

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Cover Featuring oliver green belt style Harlow

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Ridgefield Magazine, Sept/Oct 2013

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Sis Boom, World Famous (and very talented) Fabric Designer 

Love a ‘D’ ring Belt !!

Oliver Green makes the hippest prettiest belts and they have a Sis Boom category just for the friends of Sis Boom!!

We are just the luckiest peeps!! Sandra Oles creates the most fabulous D ring beltsand  folks swear by them. Nice when they actually hold your pants up!! Helloooo??  Sandra is the kindest sweetest gal on the planet and really sells a ton of belts!! Girls and Boys alike love her belts!!! She just sold some to my sister in law!!!  Hey Kelly!!  So anywho take a look at her site and definitely say hey to her!!!! Tell her you are a sis boomer on a mission!! She’s on facebook too if you have any questions for her!! and like her for me!!


Paper Magazine
D-Vine D Ring Belts by Oliver Green

By Peter Davis (Peter was born and raised in New York and was the Features Director of The Daily Mini/Fashion Week Daily. His articles on style, celebrities and society scandals have been published in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Vanity Fair, The Daily Beast, Paper, Vogue and Elle Decor.)

I grew up wearing "ribbon belts" or "D" belts (for the D shaped belt clasp). Mine were usually embroidered with whales or nautical flags or some preppy symbol, but now designer Sandra Oles has launched Oliver Green which have amped up the preppy staple to new heights of hip. I'm obsessed with the bold black and white floral design and the snakeskin print. So why the name Oliver Green? "I was driving to upstate NY one afternoon and came up with the name," Oles tells me. "I said aloud, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and Oliver Green. The name has a certain cache to it, a feeling, almost like an English tailor. It can go wherever I want to go with the line: rock and roll, bohemian, or preppy -- like me."

This story was published on Apr. 22, 2011

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Customer Comments

I love the belt! Too cute. The material works very well with the metal because it doesn’t loosen.
Xia, 17, Stamford, CT

I had a look at your website – I am very impressed! It was easy to use and you have so many different styles of belt. I spent quite a while looking at them and reading your testimonials, which were all very complimentary – well done! One thing I noticed is you have made the belts so nicely. I have a vineyard vines belt, and in comparison, yours is definitely better made and generally much nicer. I wish you the best of luck with your DRings!
Lucinda, 23, Australia

I am wearing your belt today with loafers, jeans and an untucked business shirt, and I must say the belt definitely spruces up the outfit! I love it! I’ve been paying attention to D-Ring belts and other's are nowhere near as interesting or as sturdy and well-made as yours. I bet loads of stores would want to carry your belts. Maybe Wendy’s Closet on Greenwich Ave? Then again, you might have your sights set on something more like Bloomingdale’s. Anyway, it is rather ironic that because I like your belts so much, the second one that I bought as a gift for a friend is going unused—I can’t quite bear to part with it and actually put it in the mail, yet I’m also refraining from wearing it since I still theoretically intend to give it. Clearly the only solution to my dilemma was to get 4 more, and you will see the order on your site.

Emma, Greenwich, CT

I got my belt! AND I LOVE IT! this IS the belt for me! I can’t wait to buy more belts and the meduim is perfect….and the quality is great nice and thick…..they are awesome… Shannon, age 28, New Fairfield, CT

I am not a flowery belt kind of girl, so when i saw the Skull Belt I was very excited! The Skull belt ROCKS!I loved it so much, and received so many complements, that i picked a selection of belts to give as Christmas gifts to my closest friends. At oliver green you will find a belt that fits everyone’s style.
Peace-Krit, 38, Greenwich, CT

Thanks so much for the belts – they are beautiful! People ask me where to get them whenever I wear them. I really love that I can wear them with different types of pants because they’re adjustable. So far the skullies are my favorite with “Brown Star” a close second! Your craftsmanship is awesome too – I wear my belt pretty frequently and it shows no signs of wear which I can’t say for
other cloth belts I’ve owned. I continue to “pop by” you site to check out the new styles and will have my next order to you soon!!!,Carrie, 34, Rowayton, CT

What a conversation starter! Each time I wear an Oliver Green belt, I am stopped by strangers asking where I bought it. The quality, versatility and stylish look is exactly why I own more than one. They compliment just about any style outfit…casual business, shorts or jeans. And, the selection is unbeatable…whether you are looking to treat yourself or purchase as a gift, there is sure to be one that will be perfect for your occasion.

Beth, 41 – Cape Coral, FL