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Being a Handmade Entrepreneur: Advice from Sandra Oles of Oliver Green Belts

Advice for entrepreneurs create a business out of your handmade crafts D-Ring Belts handmade crafts for sale handmade entrepreneurs sandra oles

I began Oliver Green Belts about 10 years ago, believing that the public needed high quality, sophisticated, unusual and classic belts. I was right, now years later, still going strong, and I am still invigorated by creating exceptionally tailored belts. There are other hand made D-Ring Belts in the market, however, they haven’t become a brand, and are unmatched in quality, design and durability. First word of advice is "make" your idea anyway, even if others are making similar items, because your individual stamp of sensibility, workmanship, and personality behind your brand is YOU which cannot be replicated. Stick-to-itivness is...

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Inspiration for Heritage Collection

    A stately manor on some acreage, rolling green fields of grass, gardens and a worn in fence housing the horses grazing peacefully. A sunset, a smart corduroy blazer with patched elbows. A wooded wainscoted library at an esteemed university. Fall, Classic prints, style, elegance, warmth and being cozy. A great cup of tea or fresh ground coffee. A fireplace, a great piece of classic literature. A fall weekend getaway. A way to wear classics without having to go all the way. heritage collection by oliver green speaks for you. You appreciate the classics and the timeworn aspect of...

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How Do I Fasten My D Ring Belt? Part Deux, A Clever Secret from Oliver Green Belts

how to fasten a d ring belt how to fasten a d ring belt tutorial oliver green d ring belt demonstration Sandra Oles secret way of fastening a d ring belt

. I have totally been dying to share this secret SECOND way to fasten a D Ring Belt for awhile now. I wanted to do a video demonstration, however, I haven't had the time or a willing camera man.  I COULD NOT WAIT ANY LONGER...  I hope this photo presentation does the trick!  Step One Feed your oliver green d ring belt tail into the 2 D Rings backwards, towards your body.     Step Two After you have pulled the tail of the belt through the two D Rings, wrap it over one D Ring and under the second...

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Spring Has Sprung at Oliver Green Belts!

2013 color trends colorful belts oliver green belts oliver green belts spring 2013 preppy belts spring 2013 clothing trends springspring 2013 trends women's belts

It is finally Spring and it is time to update your wardrobe with some colorful belts from oliver green! We have added several new prints and are excited for you to peruse them. Lush oranges, greens, and pinks will add a pop of color to any spring look. Our belts are a must for , the links, and for jumper show eventing! You can also see them on the streets creating a sophisticated accessory in Westchester County, Fairfield County, and we have recently shipped to Texas, Virginia, and you will see them at all the major horse shows throughout the...

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WEF Wellington Florida Horse Show Get Ready for oliver green at Beval Saddlery!

Beval Saddlery equestrian belts equestrian style hunter jumper style oliver green belts preppy belts preppy d ring belts WEF Wellington Horse Show

This is an exciting time of year for oliver green d ring belts! Hunter Jumpers flock to Florida for the famed Wellington WEF to show and reside through April 2013. Beval Saddlery is the arbiter of great equestrian style and is gearing up for a new collection of oliver green belts that will finish your show look and look great around the barn and on the street with your Florida style! 

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