Ageless Skin, Tip #1 for Mature Skin

Posted on February 08, 2016 by Sandra Oles | 0 comments

I know this has nothing to do with my craftsman lifestyle, but I am frequently asked while out on the road at craft and boutique shows, where I sell oliver green belts, what my secret is to my healthy, youthful looking skin. After all, I am in the middle aged category and many people entering into or currently in the middle median age have skin that makes them appear far older looking than they feel inside. 

My first secret divulge is: Trophy Skin, Red Light Therapy. 

What is light therapy?

Light therapy is a groundbreaking technology used by dermatologists to support the skin’s natural healing processes. Safe visible and infrared light wavelengths penetrate the skin, stimulating the production of natural enzymes that increase collagen production, reduce inflammation, and improve skin tone and texture.

I tackle double duty, while practicing my TM Meditation, I have the light do its work. I find that it does help my skin remain tighter, more even toned and overall improves the appearance. I tend to warm it up a little bit, maybe 10 minutes before I use it.

Here is what the light looks like:

The company recommends using it a few times a week. I got mine on sale through a secondary site. Trophy Skin, on this date, is currently sold out, a testament to the performance of the product. 

The price range runs in the $245-$290 range, and if you add up just a few dermatologist appointments offering this type of therapy, it's all paid for. You will have it at home going forward to use at your discretion and comfort of your home. I am a huge proponent of DIY- instead of going to a Dr. office, take control and do it yourself. 

Great skin doesn't just happen. It takes dedication and time, and it's all about prioritizing what is important for you. For me, it's accessories and skin... 

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American Flag Belts New Site by Oliver Green

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Since my America inspired belts do so well on the road, I have decided to create a sister site, www.americanflagbelts.com ! It's a super fun, kitschy site that features all my patriotic belts. You will not that they are a few dollars more, as I am donating some of my profits to the Wounded Warrior Project! I am excited to do that since I think it's a great cause and sorely needed.

Won't you share my site with all your friends? 


Happy New Year!!

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Being a Handmade Entrepreneur: Advice from Sandra Oles of Oliver Green Belts

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I began Oliver Green Belts about 10 years ago, believing that the public needed high quality, sophisticated, unusual and classic belts. I was right, now years later, still going strong, and I am still invigorated by creating exceptionally tailored belts. There are other hand made D-Ring Belts in the market, however, they haven’t become a brand, and are unmatched in quality, design and durability.

First word of advice is "make" your idea anyway, even if others are making similar items, because your individual stamp of sensibility, workmanship, and personality behind your brand is YOU which cannot be replicated.

Stick-to-itivness is probably the single most important element, as it takes time to build awareness, perfect your marketing strategy and to find your loyal client base.

Do not be afraid to approach retailers to carry your product. Match up accordingly, and understand that they are entrepreneurs as well, and you are essentially partners who are helping one another to be prosperous.

What is handmade? Everything is hand-made, even if it’s made in China, however, in a factory setting, each person has their task and doesn’t deviate from it, creating a disassociation from the product’s final outcome. When someone makes their products alone, handmade is incredibly important due to the personal investment, financial commitment to reduce waste, and the overall sense of achievement and pride associated with your product. Handmade items tend to be better and more carefully crafted, unique and special.

I find it very satisfying when a customer buys one of my belts, I know I made it, and it’s always marvelous when I get to be out in the field and get positive emotional reinforcement and quality feedback from my regular clients and various people attending these events, craft shows and small specialty boutique bazaars. Being in front of your customer is invaluable and listening to them sell your products to newbies in your tent, or as I like to call it, my mobile store keeps me fueled for the not so busy months within my seasonal cycle. This type of direct selling also creates a great opportunity to interact with and talk to your clients, and maybe obtaining new ideas as a result.

You will spend long hours creating, producing, or manufacturing your product and quite often, alone. It’s helpful to love what you do, as the hours will snap by quickly, and you will have found a great sense of achievement. Physical evidence such as mounting product is a satisfying visual reward.  Being a sense of completion “high” seeking person, this works very well for me, as well as vacuuming my home, (hahahaha) as I am results oriented.

If you have an idea, can visualize yourself having fun while making something, you might want to consider creating a business out of your hobby or love of craft. I am incredibly happy to have created such a fun, inspiring, and creative business.

I am also grateful for having an interesting sensibility that satisfies all different styles of consumers. I enjoy mixing a couple or even a few different looks within one outfit. A belt is such a great way to express yourself without fully committing. It gives the onlooker a glimpse into one of the many facets of your effervescent personality, which is why one should choose a belt that feels right for them and them only.





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oliver green designer, sandra oles, tries her hand at head scarves..

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My friend, who used to work at Beval Saddlery, who now goes to nursing school and is an avid hobby athlete (runner) asked me to try to make an elasticized head scarf, as she loves my fabric sensibility. After ordering a couple, and trying them out, and teaching myself to make them, I am a huge fan! I love to make my D-Ring Belts, but Oliver Green isn't opposed to finding new ways to excite our customer base!

I am going to offer these at my shows to indicate how well they are received they will be, as I can definitely market them to women for the following activities:

  • Around Horse Shows after you remove your helmet
  • On the Boat, your hair can really whip around and prevent you from witnessing awe inspiring views
  • In the Convertible with some fabulous Vintage Sunglasses
  • Around Town while Brunching with Equally Spectacular Sunglasses (she must be famous)
  • When you DO NOT feel like fussing with your hair, put it up in a messy bun, or clip, throw head scar on- for effortless style. (She's so confident)




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Inspiration for Heritage Collection

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A stately manor on some acreage, rolling green fields of grass, gardens and a worn in fence housing the horses grazing peacefully. A sunset, a smart corduroy blazer with patched elbows. A wooded wainscoted library at an esteemed university. Fall, Classic prints, style, elegance, warmth and being cozy. A great cup of tea or fresh ground coffee. A fireplace, a great piece of classic literature. A fall weekend getaway. A way to wear classics without having to go all the way. heritage collection by oliver green speaks for you. You appreciate the classics and the timeworn aspect of vintage elegance. Without saying a word you tell the world you have classic sensibility, although your oliver green belt may be integrated into modern style. 


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