How do I fasten a D Ring Belt?

Feed the belt into the loops of your garment- through all the belt loops
Take the opposite end, (without D rings) and feed it through both d rings on the other side of the belt. Pull the end (tail) of the belt over one D ring and under the other and tighten.

Can I machine wash my belt?
You can use spot cleaners like Tide Stick, or OxyClean Spray. Many customers tell us they do machine wash their belts, let them hang dry and touch them up with a steam setting on their iron. 

How do I keep my belt new looking?

If you wear your belt as much as my current clients do, which is mostly every day, you can keep your belt looking nice by steam ironing it.

Will the belt remain tight or will it loosen with body movement like other fabric belts?
Our belts are made with pliable cotton webbing inside and that combined with the right weight D ring guarantee a snug fit all day during all activity, including golf!

What is the difference between the 2 inch and the 1 ½ belts besides a half inch? Will they fit in my belt loops?
We feel the 2 inch belts provide a “funkier” look due to the width and creating more of a “look”. They look particularly great with low rider, boot cut pants but look great with any style jean, of course. The 2 inch belts fit in standard belt loops. The inch and a half is a standard belt width which also adds punch to an outfit, but is less in your face than the 2 inch and fit in most all belt loops.

Are all D Ring style belts “preppy?”

The fabric creates the “look”. Although D Ring belts originally were donned by the country club set in the 1970s, we have brought it back with a fresh new look that will compliment all styles. We sell to rockers, preppy girls, surfer-chic, conservative, and every other style out there! You can be bohemian, classic, urban, or feminine flowery! After all, we feel everybody has a little bit of every style, and will create different looks.

Do these belts make great gifts?

Everybody wants to be seen with oliver green! We do lots of shows, and honestly, everyone loves the belts! Our customers range from children to retirees. Again, the fabric and colors are what you will be attracted to.

Why do you make only D Ring Belts?

We love the versatility and the functionality of the D Ring belt! The D rings are great because there are no pre-sized grommets in the belt limiting how high or low you can wear it or what you can wear it with. Since we have done extensive work to find the right weight webbing and D Ring, the tail of the belt lays flat immediately. We feel the simplicity of the D Ring closure is versatile, elegant, and casual all at the same time.

How and when do I wear these belts?

oliver green belts can be worn on any occasion exactly as you would a plain leather belt. Our belts are lighter, tighter, brighter, and more expressive than your average, ordinary, everyday belt. They look great with: jeans, chinos, shorts, skirts, on top of tunics, blazers and sweaters! Our belts can complete a casual look with flip flops, sandals and boots. If you are attending a charity function, dinner, cocktail party, oliver green d ring belts make a great colorful accessory! Many of my clients wear them while golfing, due to the light weight, no large belt buckle and ease of swing, not to mention a great way to pull together your look on the course. Our belts can and should be worn every day and most of our clients are surprised at how much they do wear their belts!

Are oliver green belts Vegan?

Yes! No animal products are used in the creation of our products.

How long should the tail of the belt be?

Most of my clients wear it with only about 2 inches due to the belt’s ability to remain tight throughout the day. You can wear it however long or short you want but most people like it shorter because there is less fabric to deal with.