oliver green designer, sandra oles, tries her hand at head scarves..

Posted on August 31, 2015 by Sandra Oles | 0 comments

My friend, who used to work at Beval Saddlery, who now goes to nursing school and is an avid hobby athlete (runner) asked me to try to make an elasticized head scarf, as she loves my fabric sensibility. After ordering a couple, and trying them out, and teaching myself to make them, I am a huge fan! I love to make my D-Ring Belts, but Oliver Green isn't opposed to finding new ways to excite our customer base!

I am going to offer these at my shows to indicate how well they are received they will be, as I can definitely market them to women for the following activities:

  • Around Horse Shows after you remove your helmet
  • On the Boat, your hair can really whip around and prevent you from witnessing awe inspiring views
  • In the Convertible with some fabulous Vintage Sunglasses
  • Around Town while Brunching with Equally Spectacular Sunglasses (she must be famous)
  • When you DO NOT feel like fussing with your hair, put it up in a messy bun, or clip, throw head scar on- for effortless style. (She's so confident)




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